Moldova Aid

Giving back inspires us. What inspires you?


The Sneaks4Teen project was possible due to the efforts of:

      • Ludmila and Ion Butnaru from New York, NY; Mihaela Dragalin from Toronto, Ca; Oana and Andrei Dragalin from Toronto; Veronica Dragalin from Los Angeles, CA; Michaela Dragalin from Penn State and Joe Young from Philadelphia; Natalia, George and Anya Minasyan from Philadelphia; Tatyana Davydova Kiley and Nick Kiley from Philadelphia; Tanea and Alexandru Dragalin from Torornto; Viorica and Ghenadie Rusu from Toronto; Stela and Alexandru Caruntu from Toronto; Diana and Richard Dorogan from Toronto; Ludmila and Marcel Pletosu from Toronto; Stela Arnaut from Toronto; Maria and Nicola Nastas from Toronto; Natalia Schipou from Toronto; Victoria Luchian from Toronto; Mirela and Paul Bacinschi from New York, NY; Bill Ferst from Philadelphia; Dan Emmerson from Philadelphia; Lora and Alex Sinigur from Raleigh, NC; Elena and Vlad Dragalin from Raleigh, NC; Inga and Daniel Jugurt from Seattle, WA; Ela and Dragos Martinescu from Downers Grove, IL; Violeta and Vsevolod Grigore from New York, NY; Andra and Dan Petolescu from Toronto; Corina and Andrei Solomon from Montreal, CA; Rodica and Valentin Dulce from New York, NY; Olga Kleiankina from Raleigh, NC; Nataki Batchelor from Wake Forest NC, Natalia Cucos from Chicago, IL; Lucia Candu from New York, NY; Evghenia Berzan from Ny,NY; Natalia Vizitiu from NY,NY; The group “Promovam Moldova@NY” from New York, NY; Moldovan Baptist Church of Bethel in Raleigh, NC; a local Walmart in Brier Creek, NC; Target in Brier Creek, NC and a fullhand of volunteers in Moldova that helped us with Transportation and Logistics: Raisa Danilcenco, Svetlana Macrinici-Mazureac, Svetlana Macovei, Dumitru Vechiu, Mihai Bologan, Vlad and Alexander Danilcenco, Daniel Macrinici, Anna Susarenco, Lora Volchanov, Livia Lupascu, Dorina Arsene, Mariana Chirica and many others.