Moldova Aid

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Education Fund

The Education Fund project values the special contribution of:

      • Lora Volchanov, who took the responsibilities of a guardian for the Graduates from Cazanesti and helping them with documents, phone calls, driving around, conversations with officials, Ministry of Education, official letters.
      • Raisa Chihai from Cahul, Moldova who guided the graduates from Cazanesti through the opportunities they have in choosing the right college for their education.
      • GhermanLegalPLLC from Miami Florida who made a generous donation to the Education Fund by Moldova AID.
      • Individual donors: Ioana Dragalin from Toronto; Mihai Alexander Dragalin from Toronto; Stela and Alexandru Caruntu from Toronto; Mihaela Dragalin from Toronto; Viorica and Ghenadie Rusu from Toronto; Oana and Andrei Dragalin from Toronto; Nelly and Dan Oraseanu from Toronto; Gica and Anatolie Dragalin from Toronto; Andra and Dan Petolescu from Toronto; Tanea and Alexandru Dragalin from Toronto;Maria and Nicu Moga from Raleigh, NC; Tatiana and Constantin Ungureanu from Wake Forest, NC; Maria and Decebal from Raleigh, NC; Angela and Igor Munteanu from Washington, DC; Silvia Bezer from Chapel Hill, NC; Oxana Tepordei and Varun from Raleigh, NC; Olga Kleiankina from Raleigh, NC; Lora Sinigur from Raleigh, NC; Liuda Sinigur from Raleigh, NC; Lidia and Marin Lastur from Raleigh, NC; Sergiu Gherman at Gherman Legal, PLLC, Miami. FL.