Moldova Aid

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Proffesional training

Moldova AID is providing Professional Training to help individuals and businesses take the next step to their path of success. We are offering online seminars in different subject areas, such as:

Writing a Resume and Cover Letters

Hand out your “business card” with confidence.

Master the Interview process

The first and last impressions, the hand shake, the smile, DOs and DON’Ts –an extensive overview to help you win.

Communications skills

Effective communication requires bringing together different points of view and relaying that information without losing clarity or focus.

Interpersonal skills

Upholding positive interpersonal relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors is the key to maintaining a successful work environment.

Time management

Efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of one’s day – from prioritizing tasks, overcoming procrastination, and improving concentration.

Customer service

The secrets of outstanding customer service hold the key to success.

Presentation skills

Develop the skills for enhancing a public-speaking style that turns the driest, most mundane information into a dynamic, compelling presentation.

Management and Supervisory Skills

Topics critical to developing effective management skills include performance management, motivation, team development, communication skills and time management skills.


Learn about numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership and effective leadership skills.

Human resource management

Aquire skills and strategies for recruiting employees, for reducing employee turnover, promoting employee development and retaining the talented workforce.


Sales training for managers and salespersons delivers practical, ready-to-use selling techniques.

Thinking and innovation

Problem-solving and decision-making capabilities help a person become a more systematic and creative thinker.
Extraordinary solutions challenge assumptions and call for thinking out of the box.

Training and development

Learn tips and tools for organizations and individuals who need better skills and competencies to help train and develop their workforce and clients.