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Virtual Learning Center

Imagine a remote Moldovan village.

Can you?

With no roads. With households having no inside water and a sewage system. With children having to sometimes walk a few kilometers every morning, rain or sunshine, to get to the nearest school. With women having no careers, money and opportunities. With grandparents having taken the role of caregivers for their grandchildren. Nearly all parents in the village have left. Moreover: nearly all adults have left. Women are in Western Europe, working as housemaids, and men are in Russia, working in construction. Children and adolescents are left behind. In ten years from now, they will be probably gone too.

What if there is a a solution for them, in their own country and even in their own village?

Just imagine: they can learn new skills without leaving Moldova, their village, and even their homes. Imagine that the village has enough skilled labor to become attractive for businesses, who will bring all those people jobs. They don’t have to leave anymore: they can stay with their families and raise their children, and their children will have families and raise their children.

You may wonder what the solution could be? It’s the Internet. Moldova might be one of the poorest country in Europe, but it is fortunately NOT one of the 18 countries in the world that has no Internet. To the contrary. In Moldova, Internet is growing fast. 80 per cent of its territory has internet coverage with optical fiber. Moldova is ranked globally 3rd by its download speed and 6th – by its upload speed.


Even now, children left behind by migrants can see their mom and dad every day, on skype, and they can speak to them.

Now think about this.

Their e-literacy could work for them. Even if they have no money to pay for their education, they can still have a chance for a better life. If children and parents can connect to each other, they can also connect to other people who care about them and about Moldova.

Yes, you guessed it right.

It is us.

Here at Moldova Aid we have opened our Virtual Learning Center as a response to the challenges of the Moldovan women and children. Lets put them in front of a computer and start the learning process. Now we can give them a chance.