Moldova Aid

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Sneaks4Teens Project, supported by the collective efforts of about 100 people, provided sneakers and athletic clothes to 73 children of the Cazanesti Orphanage in Telenesti, Moldova. The Project was launched in February 2011, at the time of registration of Moldova AID and was completed by April 2011.

We were able to fundraise over 3000 USD by March and purchased and shipped the goods in time to give students the joy of starting the spring in new shoes and clothes. At the time, we knew them only by their names and shoe sizes. But we got to meet them in person. And we knew we will be back.

We had the best time together. Starting with a Geography lesson, we asked the students to name familiar US and Canada’s cities and we were very proud to confirm that the Project got support from many of them: New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, WA, Philadelphia, Chicago, IL, Raleigh, NC, Toronto, Ca, Montreal… Our country men and women might be spread on all meridians, but we all came together to Cazanesti through Sneaks4Teens Project. Our efforts were also joined by many local volunteers (Chisinau and suburbs) that helped us with transportation, logistics and more presents for the children.

Sneaks4Teens Project was a success: we became friends with the students. But most important, the project bore a new idea and The Education Fund was created.

We thank all our sponsors for their interest and help. Please find below a video and if you contributed to the project: maybe you will also see yourchild receiving your pair of shoes.