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Back to school project

In June 2011 The Education Fund by Moldova AID was established. We started the fundraising Tricolor
Campaign to support 3 students from Cazanesti to continue their education in colleges in Chisinau. And
decided to allocate 1000 lei/month for each of them to cover expenses for books, clothes, shoes, food
and all necessary things, starting September 1st.

The summer was “hot”, it was clear that raising money it’s not enough. We made a call for the Back
to School Project. Preparing the documents, applying, making phone calls to encourage our students
when they felt that might not have a shot to go to college – only few things that were part of the new
project. We met in Chisinau, helped to open Google, Facebook, Skype accounts, not wanting them to
feel different from the kids that grew up with computers in their homes. We started making “What I
need” lists. And we were running out of paper, the lists were very long.

The first month of school was overwhelming. Money definitely were not enough, the additional state
stipendium was running late. Keeping a child in school is not cheap even in Moldova. They cried for help,
we cried for help. And we got it from local volunteers and donors just in time to make the beginning of
a new school year and the beginning of new life, enjoyable. Boxes with bedding, towels, food, clothes
and shoes were sent to the dorms. Sometimes, anonymously. Some of our students needed tutoring to
compensate for insufficient preparedness from their former school. We had volunteers to do that. The
students were scared and afraid to fail. We had supporters to offer help and encourage them.

And finally, we started to get different messages and phone calls from our students: they were bragging
a little bit. They were telling us about good grades they were receiving, about working in parallel with
studying to make some pocket money, about having friends and about making plans for the future.

Back to School Project is an ongoing project. It never ceases to help our students if they need us.