Moldova Aid

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Humanitarian Aid

Yes, we know.

You are going to say: ‘Why give them fish? Let’s teach them fishing instead, and they will never be hungry’.

And we will reply: ‘You are right. You are 100% right!’

But… there is always a BUT, isn’t it? And, let us tell you that one can not learn, if they are hungry. A child can not go to school if she has no shoes, or warm cloths.

Just imagine: you are a poor Moldovan child, born in a rural area. You have no toys, you have no books, and even if you had them, your parents have no time to play with you and read to you. When you are a little older, you do the small chores. You take care of the animals, you go to the well even in the winter to bring a bucket of water, you help your parents in the garden. That is how the family gets food. You still have no books, no toys. These are luxury. As you get older, work adds up. If you live only with one parent, or head the household and have younger siblings, you have more work, more responsibilities, and less time for studying. You feel lucky if an ice storm doesn’t kill your crops, or a flood does not destroy your parents house.

It’s not exactly a good learning environment, right?

That is why our education programmes go hand in hand with humanitarian aid. We teach people fishing, but we make sure first that they have the basics in life.