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Current Topics in Chemical Research

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The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) by Moldova AID is announcing a new online course:

Current Topics in Chemical Research

For spring semester 2012

The goal of the course is:

  • to expose chemistry majoring students to new discoveries
  • to improve analytical skills
  • to learn writing research proposals and develop presentation skills

The course will consist of six classes that will cover the information about the most recent discoveries in chemical research, such as:

  1. Advances in analytical chemistry: new sample purification and characterization techniques.
  2. Nucleic acids: natural (DNA, RNA) and unnatural (PNA, LNA). Importance and applications.
  3. Self-healing polymers.
  4. From Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
  5. Renewable energy.
  6. Proposal presentation.

The one hour and twenty minutes with a 5 minute break will be followed by homework that students will have to return within two weeks via e-mail to The homework will represent writing a one page summary of a paper review based on a specific topic given in class. At the end of the course, the students will have to choose a research topic and to write a two page research proposal and make a 10 minute power point presentation during the last class. The student that will write the best proposal will receive a set of highly acclaimed chemistry books of a 400 USD value. This was possible thanks to a generous donation to Moldova AID by Corning, a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics.

The course will be taught in English via Skype by Dr. Silvia Bezer Bratu. Silvia received her bachelor and master degree from Chemistry Department of Moldova State University. There she worked with Dr. Ghenadie Novitchi, Dr. Vitalie Stavila and Dr. Aurelian Gulea. She obtained her PhD degree from Chemistry Department of Carnegie Mellon University, under the guidance of Dr. Catalina Achim. Currently, Silvia is a postdoctoral research associate in the Chemistry Department at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill under the mentorship of Dr. Michel Gagne and Dr. Marcey Waters.

For more information about Silvia go to:

Therefore, we are looking for motivated chemistry majoring students that reside in the R of Moldova to take this FREE course. Please send your Resume and a Letter of Intention to The Letter of Intention should address the topic: What inspired you to pursue a career in chemistry? And why do you want to take the VLC Course?

The deadline for applications is December 10th, 2011. You will be notified by December 19th if you are selected.

The course will be taught via Skype on some Saturdays in the afternoon and will start January 2012 (after the winter break). The schedule will be announced on January 15th, 2012.


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