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Welcome to Moldova AID web site. Through our projects, we are committed to support the Educational System in the Republic of Moldova and to promote the full inclusion and participation of youth in all aspects of life, regardless of their social or economic status, gender, ethnicity, mental or physical disabilities. Please explore the website to learn more about our current and past state of affairs, or how you can become involved in our events and activities.


Did you know…

Every 5th Moldovan family with young children has no books.
Only one in two children has adequate toys.
In rural areas, one in ten children is out of school.
Roma children are out of school is almost half of the cases.
Only one in three Moldovan children with disabilities goes to school.

One out of four people in the world is connected to Internet.
The Internet has reached 50 million users in just 5 years, television needed 13 years and radio – 38 to reach the same numbers.
There are still 18 countries in the world that have no Internet access.
The number of Internet-pages grows by 300,000 per week.